Noosa Wedding | Michael and Hannah -The Perfect Wedding

Lousy weather: check 

Plan B wedding venue: check 

Plan B pretty much everything: check 

Love, laughter and a whole lot of joy: a HUGE check!!

Yes, there were some hiccups to overcome on Michael and Hannah’s wedding day, yet despite this, Suzanne, Michael and Hannah’s amazing wedding celebrant, went on to describe the day as one of the most fun and most joyful weddings she has ever been involved with. Why? From my perspective, it was Michael and Hannah’s love and commitment to each other that rose above the terrible weather and the several other far-from- ideal scenarios that played out as the day progressed. But that’s the thing here; the day did progress. Nothing was going to stop this from being a magical day for Michael and Hannah.

And this is what makes my role so special. Yes, I will always strive to capture stunning backdrops and perfect natural lighting, however when I capture the love between a couple on their wedding day, I can honestly tell you that these other things can, and usually do fade into the background as the couple’s love becomes the captivating scene in the photograph.

When I capture a couple’s love for each other in a photograph, my job is done. The other things in the photo are just a bonus; a background to the main event that is your love story. 

Your wedding day is, quite literally, the first day of the rest of your life with your spouse, and having a photographic record of this day will, for the rest of your life, enable you to go back and re-live one of the most defining and beautiful days you’ve experienced - the excitement, anticipation, the butterflies, the laughs and the tears of joy. And the love.

So this is what I do – I capture love. And Michael and Hannah have plenty of that for each other. 

I have the best job in the world.